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Henan Fangda Industrial Co. Ltd. is a high-tech R&D joint-stock enterprise, which engages in manufacturing and selling/exporting mining machinery equipment as one. We manufacture all kinds of high-quality mineral equipment, such as crushing equipment, grinding equipment, preparation equipment and some other sieving equipment.
Our company is headquartered in Zhengzhou XuShui Machinery Manufacturing Zone under three branch offices. Henan Fangda Industrial Co. Ltd. adheres to the management policy "people-oriented, regulation-oriented". Since the foundation of a modern enterprise with advanced production management system Seiko, independent innovation, bringing together a number of talents in science and technology, the company has a strong machining, forging, welding, heat treatment, in their own development company long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research units, both at home and abroad with the introduction of advanced technology, process and testing base.

Henan Fangda Industrial Co. Ltd. pays attention to basic management, quality management and has a network of work-site management, which implements the computer information and computer technology for production management, product development and design equipped with advanced CAD, CAPP computer-aided design systems, and through ISO: 9001-2000 quality Certification. The products of our company have been sold and exported all over the country and abroad.

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Henan Fangda Industrial Co. Ltd. constantly insists on the development of new products and development, investment, funds for technological renovation, and improves product development, to meets the different needs of our customers. And we believe that: market is the only criterion for testing quality. In our constant pursuit and effort, we are willing to use our strength, sincerity and diligence to serve our customers, to create value for our motherland. We concern our customers first, and all we do is to meet customer satisfaction.
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