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We want the following talents from all over the country:
【1】5 Dressing Engineers
Job Responsibilities:
① 5-year work experience in mining dressing industry;
② professional in magnetic dressing,flotation dressing and gravity dressing technical flow;
③ have the ability of plant model selection of dressing equipment and designing dressing technical flow.
【2】5 Mechanical Engineers
Job Responsibilities:
① more than 5-year working experience in mining machinery industry;
② be skillful in the manufactur of crushing equipment,sieving equipment and dressing equipment;
③ the ability of leading team to design new product;
④ market analysis judgement ability.
【5】10 Website Maintance
① major in computer and other related majors;
② have the base knowledge of network marketing;
③ be skillful in commonly used methods of website promotion.
【6】Foreign Trade Clerk
① English, Japanese and Russian, 3 of each language;
② more than 2-year foreign trade working experience, and excellent fresh graduate can have a chance.
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