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Characteristics of rotary dryer
Rotary dryer is the material heating drying equipment. Widely used in cement,mining,building material,chemical industry,drying pulverized coal,limestone,grain,sand,clay materials,etc. Drum dryer mainly constituted by axially symmetrical, Yang stripper plate, gearing, supporting device and seals and other components. Dry wet materials transported to hopper by belt conveyor,and then into charging port through charging pipeline.
Material join from higher end,heat body material entered by low-end,with material upstream,also have the heat body and material flow into cylinder together . Material run to the end by gravity with the rotation of the drum. Wet material got heat body heat directly or indirectly in the cylinder body forward movement process,make the wet material to dry,then send out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor in the material end.
The characteristics of rotary dryer:
1. The machines design is reasonable,have reliable performance,high efficiency,dry and heat uniform,maintenance convenient,etc.
2.Equipment adopts self-aligning type tug structure, the tug and with good tyre-roller, greatly reduce the wear and tear of power consumption.
3.Resistance to overload ability, cylinder smooth operation and high reliability.
4. Drying machine has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, high temperature hot air can be used for a rapid drying of material.
5. Drum dryer processing capacity, fuel consumption, dry low cost less.

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