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Daily Maintenance of Roll Crusher

Advantages of roll crusher are simplestructure, reliable performance, low cost. It is mainly used for fineprocessing of the brittle tough and hard materials such as coal, coke,limestone and salt, etc. In addition, the roll crusher pull the material intothe roller to produce continuously. Not only the productivity is high, but also wet materials can be deal with. Its disadvantage is higher wear rate. So thedaily maintenance of roll crusher is very important.

Here is some points of what we need to payattention to in the daily production:
1 Roller clearancedecide crushing strength, keep the clearance in the appropriate range. Adjustthe spring pressure, maintain parallel double roller to prevent skewed.
2 Check the roller. The worn roller surface will increase gap between two rollers. Take the turning orgrinding skill to repair the roller and adjust the clearance. To reduce thecost, please replace the new roller only when the roller is worn to a certaindegree.
3 Keep the machine parts lubricant toprevent wear, especially the rolling bearing. Choose the appropriate lubricating oil, add lubricating oil regularly and timely replace the new lubricating oil.
4 Timely adjust the clay tablets and keep clearanceof cylinder in 1-1.5 mm to ensure the efficience of shoveling mud. Scraper is quick-wearpart, so timely repair or replace it.
5 The rolparts are loose vibration in the operation of machinery fasteners loose easily, found loose should immediately tightened.