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Research and Development of Vibration Machine

Vibration machine plays an important role in the development of mining production and processing. Research and development of new products and related technologies attracts more attention. 

Vibration mechanical are mainly two kinds, straight line and circular vibration. The most common application is rectilinear vibration through a pair of gear. The gears have the same diameter and number of teeth and operate synchronously. Many vibrating feeder and screening machine use the self synchronous principle. The motor of Circular vibrating screen is mainly driven by the belt, and the vibrator generates centrifugal force to make the vibrating screen box vibrate.

1 As mine mining machinery production is increasing, many large-scale machines roll out. The large screening machine has been used in domestic market. The maximum width of sieving machine is 4.2 m and length is 9.13 m.
2 Researches of new materials should be further explored to reduce the weight of machine and make the structure more reasonable.
3 In order to improve the working efficiency of the vibration equipment, the amplitude of the vibrating screen is increased at home and abroad. Of course it is still need to improve structural strength and reliability of operation.
4. Protect the environment. Reduce the scope and degree of noise pollution