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Select Application of Production Line Equipment

To improve the output and quality of production, choose not only good material sources but also good stone production line equipment. So at first learn the performance of the equipment and the main application of the sand before buying equipment.

First is coarse crushing. The most common choice of crushing machine is jaw crusher, which is of high output, low prices and good crushing effect. After the preliminary broken, stone needle piece of content is very less.

Second is fine crushing. The common crushing machines are hammer crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher. According to the different use analyze the raw materials and elect equipment. Otherwise it will bring trouble to production and reduce the production efficiency. To deal with soft rocks such as limestone, choose hammer crusher of high production capacity and less broken section. To process hard rock, choose counterattack crusher and cone crusher. 

According to the characteristics of the above stone production line equipment, the investors can choose stone production line equipment according to their actual production conditions.