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Simple Introduction of Box-type Breaker

Box-type breaker equipment in the development of a new type of crusher, finely crushed stone, applicable to the compressible strength is a medium to high hardness of the material, the secondary crushing.

1 Big size of materials particle (> 800 mm) and small size product of particle(< 3 to 8 mm).

It has many obvious advantages to process high hardness and all kinds of materials.

2 Low running cost and small system power. The production cost is greatly reduced and 40% less than conventional three levels crushing process.

3, Compared with impact crusher, box-type breaker has great cost performance in crushing granularity, energy consumption and operation cost, etc.

4 Unique structure, smooth operation, small volume and light weight. Be easy to replace the parts.

5 In the production process, the stone can protect the undersurface. Made of hard wear-resistant material, the fuselage is without wear. Few quick-wear parts.

Box type crusher is manufactured by China Zhengzhou Huabang Machinery in produce experience for many years, which is combining with the advantages of the counterattack crusher.It is the fifth generation of product development and which is the most competitive ideal equipment.