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Improve Hammer Head to Increase it Effiency

How does the hammer crusher work? The material goes into the hammer crusher, impacted by a high-speed rotating hammer. The crushed material obtains kinetic energy from broken hammer and crush into crushing plate with a high speed. The big material particles are impacted, grinded and crushed by the hammer head in the grid section. Then the small particles are discharged from the grate. 

There are many factors influencing efficiency of crusher work. For hammer crusher, hammer head is one of the key parts. If we increase the crushing impact of hammer head to material block, the crushing efficiency of hammer crusher can be greatly improved.

There are two aspects in the design can improve the hammer. Firstly increase the speed of the rotor to raise the linear velocity of hammer crusher. Secondly the deformability of hammer head is  prerequisites of impact to guarantee the reliability of the impact force.