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Maintenance Work of Stone Production Line Equipment

In the stone production line, the use of more devices is crusher, including used for coarse crushing jaw crusher, stone for a second and finely counterattack crusher, or with a heavy stone crusher of for mining. The maintenance work of stone production line equipment is most about crusher equipment. There is a brief introduction of the crusher equipment formaintenance from three aspects.

1 The bearing is most quick-wear part ofcrusher. The equipment maintenance is very important. Lubricate thecheering to increase the service life of the bearing.

2 The lubricating grease volume inside thebearing seat must be replaced once every three months, when the oil changeapplication of clean gasoline or kerosene carefully cleaning bearing rollertrack. Shaft plate in contact with the shaft plate mat, crusher must injectgrease before moving.

3 Regular check accessories. Jaw brokenbelt is indispensable in the stone production line. Regularly adjust tightness of the conveyor belt to guarantee the machine to receive strength evenly in conveyor belt.