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magnetic separator

Dry magnetic separator equipment is commonly used iron and manganese equipment, mainstream intensity magnetic separator mineral processing equipment. Dry magnetic separator for dry magnetic separation of magnetic minerals beneficiation machinery, as opposed to wet magnetic separator to use when sorting mineral liquid as a diluent to improve separation efficiency, the dry magnetic separator is required to be separation of the mineral drying, particles can move freely, into independent free state, otherwise it will affect the magnetic effect, or even result in non-separation of the consequences. Dry magnetic separator for particle size below 3mm magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials, wet magnetic separation, but also for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials in addition to iron work .

Working Principle
Dry magnetic separator is the successful development of our new high-performance magnetic separation equipment. Department of all the magnetic are made by rare-earth Nd-Fe-B high-performance materials and high-quality ferrite materials. After a cleverly designed open-circuit, tube scale constituencies can achieve the maximum magnetic induction more than 0.8T, the magnetic field strength of conventional magnetic machine 3 -5 times that of the magnetic field strength at the constituency up to Electromagnetic Separator strong magnetic level. Cylinder separation refined by the use of wear-resistant stainless steel.
Mineral sorting through the vibration feeder evenly separate of the upper tube, rotate the cylinder to cylinder behind that of non-magnetic materials, magnetic materials by the strong magnetic field force suction to the cylinder, with sub-ore easily board, accurate to the magnetic separation of non-magnetic materials. Strong magnetic field strength with Drum Magnetic separator for sub-select, weak magnetic minerals into a reality. Equipment to deal with a large amount of sorting a wide range of mineral grain size, separation of high precision, non-blocking; simple structure, easy maintenance, strong electromagnetic power consumption of only 20% of magnetic separator.

Dry Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator is my new company successfully developed highly efficient magnetic separation equipment. Department of the use of high-performance magnetic NdFeB rare-earth materials and high quality ferrite materials production, a cleverly open magnetic circuit design, tube highest breakdown constituency 0.8T magnetic induction to reach more than conventional magnetic field strength in the magnetic machine 3 -5 Times the sub-constituency of the magnetic field strength can be achieved strong electromagnetic Magnetic Separator the level of magnetic force. Sorting using wear-resistant stainless steel cylinder from refined; mineral sorting through the vibration feeder evenly to the separation of the upper part of the cylinder, the cylinder of rotating non-magnetic materials out-stripped the cylinder, magnetic materials by the strong magnetic field force To the suction tube, with sub-plate mine easily and accurately be magnetic, non-magnetic material separation.
Strong magnetic field strength used to drum Magnetic Separator at selected weak magnetic minerals into a reality. Handle amounts of equipment, sorting a wide range of mineral grain size, high precision, isolated, non-plug; simple structure, easy maintenance, power consumption is only strong electromagnetic Magnetic Separator of 20%.

main purpose:
the election of the regional water iron work; refractories and other materials in addition to the iron work.

Dry magnetic separator magnetic system, high-quality ferrite and rare-earth magnet material or composite, the average magnetic induction tube surface is 100 ~ 600mT. According to user needs, providing downstream, half-reflux, reflux and many other different types of strong magnetic table. The magnetic separator is simple in structure, large capacity, easy operation, easy maintenance and so on.